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Teenage wall decor and personalized teen wall decorations make nice additions to a teenager's room decor. Custom created wall decorations featuring the style and color choices of the teenagers in your life add the perfect finishing touch to their rooms. Our teen room wall decor can be hung on their walls or doors. They also sit nicely on a dresser, desk or where ever!

We all know it can be very difficult to buy for teenagers. They are growing and changing constantly! One day something is 'in' and the next day that very thing that was 'so cool' is on the way out. And for the parents or guardians of teenagers frustration abounds!

Overall, though, most teens navigate toward certain styles and themes. Some teenage girls are very 'girly' and like girly things. Other teen girls are athletic. As for teenage boys some are into sports while others are more technologically oriented and creative.

Whatever the case is for your teen the one common thread is this...teenagers love to see their names in print!!

Please don't misunderstand this comment, but teens are self centered! However annoying this can be, it is 'just a stage' and it's a stage that they must go through. They need to be self centered so they can figure themselves out. Hopefully once this stage passes...and it will...your teen will grow into a mature adult who is responsible and hard working!

Since they are self centered and love to see their names in print then teen wall decorations that are personalized will make a great gift idea for any teenager! Their personalized teen room decoration can coordinate with their room decor or it can be created featuring their own personal styles and tastes.

When desiging and painting our teen wall and room decor we pay very close attention to detail. If you have a design idea for your teen's wall decoration please feel free to share your thoughts with us. Or if you are unsure as to how you'd like your decor designed feel free to ask us any questions. We have designed and painted thousands (literally!) of custom room decorations over the last couple of years so if you want to discuss your needs please feel free to let us know. We are happy to help you out however possible.

Each teen wall decoration is made using a piece of wood that measures
6" high by 18" long.

After sanding and priming each piece we meticulously hand paint your decor in your choice of colors and theme using NON-TOXIC acrylic paints all of which are Made in the USA. Since no two pieces of wall decor are ever exact your artwork will be signed and dated by the artist. It will be varnished for protection and a hanger style of your choice is attached.

Price.................$52.00 each
Plus Shipping and Handling  Fees

Please allow approximately 4 weeks
for your order to be completed.

If you'd like to order a teen wall decoration as a gift and have it shipped directly to your loved one we can include a gift card
personalized according to your wishes.

Place your order for a
6"H x 18"L
teen wall decor here:
***NOTE: There is no additional charge for a ribbon hanger.
BUT there is a fee for the Hand Painted Nail Cover!
See the above link...it's in red .***

Name/Wording to be painted on your 6 x 18 teen wall decor:

What style of hanger? Choose (1)
Ribbon Hanger WITH a Bow
Ribbon Hanger WITHOUT a Bow
Sawtooth Hanger (attached to back side - no ribbon at all)

Colors, themes or other details: **Need more room for details? Please use 'Customer Comments' section in the check out area.**

I'll include a gift card free of charge!
Please include message here:

Teen Room Decorations - Teen Wall Decor - Teenage Room Décor
***Some customers request a ribbon hanger on their teen wall decor. Simply make your choice in the shopping cart below.
If you like the look of a ribbon hanger then consider ordering a matching
decorative hand painted nail cover!
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Sawtooth Hanger - this type of hanger will be attached to the back side if you do not choose
a ribbon hanger.

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