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Hand painted and personalized step stools for kids are unique pieces of furniture for children's rooms. Each wooden two step stool is custom painted in the colors and themes you choose. And we can personalize each one with a name or the wording you prefer. Not only are these hand painted step stools functional and sturdy...they're adorable, too!

Our two step stools are useful with a beautiful hand painted design of your choice!

Every family could use a step stool to help make it possible for growing children to reach the bathroom sink so they can brush their teeth or wash up at bedtime. Our opinion is why not have a step stool that's functional and cute at the same time? 

Your hand painted step stool can be decorated in the colors and designs you choose. Does your child have a bedding pattern or a room theme that you'd like to match? Let us know and we'll hand paint your step stool according to your requests. (Sorry--no copyrighted designs!) Plus we can personalize your hand painted step stool!

Share any thoughts or ideas you have. We're more than happy to work with you!

Our Kids step stools are made of solid pine wood with a built in carrying handle - perfect for little hands! While they are made for kids they are sturdy enough to support an adult.

The first step height measures 5" from the ground with the second step height measureing 10" from the ground.

The overall dimensions are 12" W x 13" D x 11" H.

Your step stool will be hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paints in the colors, themes and personalization you choose. Then we apply at least 3-4 coats of varnish for protection.

Price.................$120.00 each
Plus $14.95 shipping and handling PER STEP STOOL

***Your step stool will be handpainted and designed
at time of ordering so please allow 4 weeks for shipping.****

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