Ideas for Decorating a Baby's Room

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Ideas for Decorating Baby Rooms -
Try These Interesting Themes

by Michael J. Holland

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There are many ideas for decorating baby rooms, and as long as you know the basics about child safety, you can be free to unleash your creative spirit.

What's makes decorating a baby nursery different from decorating a toddler or a teenager's room is that you are solely responsible for coming up with beautiful,

It's a good plan to form ideas for decorating baby rooms around a theme or a color scheme. Once you have chosen your basic idea, you can decide on paint, wallpaper, furniture, and accessory pieces to coordinate a whimsical and playful room for your newborn.

A versatile theme for decorating baby rooms is using the theme of a rainbow. Think of how you feel as an adult when you see a rainbow in the sky. Rainbows are magical and inspiring. The arc of a rainbow contains the entire color spectrum, giving you plenty of options to work with.

The colors in the arc of a rainbow move through the spectrum from red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, to end in violet. To create unique ideas for decorating baby rooms, think of these colors as rain-washed and misty.

You can combine a rainbow theme with clouds, sky motifs, and angels to create a peaceful haven for your baby's room.

Either paint the walls a solid pastel rainbow color, such as a rich rose or a sky blue, and then paint a rainbow arcing over your baby's crib. You can also create a unique effect by colorwashing the walls with three or four overlapping rainbow colors.

Mix the paint with glaze to water it down and give it a blurry, misty appearance. Paint stripes of each color across the wall, and blend them together so that they appear to melt together.

When the colors are blended, they will form other shades, such as lilac and a shimmery orange.

A popular idea for decorating baby rooms for boys is to use a theme such as boats, trains, or teddy bears. For teddy bears, paint the walls a plush beige, and then using a stamp or a stencil, apply a trail of paw prints running up from the floor and arcing behind the crib up onto the ceiling.

Use a deep mahogany or walnut wood crib, bookcase, and dresser, and finish a hardwood floor with a dark polyurethane stain. Display a varied and unusual collection of teddy bears on the bookshelves that are as unique and cuddly as your baby is.

A versatile idea for decorating baby rooms is to design it around bold, primary colors. Use strong print fabrics, such as stripes and circus prints, and paint the walls in soft tones of red, orange, or yellow.

Use cabinets for storage installed high on the walls, and paint each door a different color, being sure to include an accent color such as apple green.

A good crib for this bold idea for decorating baby rooms is a light colored wood with stenciled or carved designs accented with whimsical touches, such as round red, yellow, and green wooden balls.

Use linens with circus patterns, and paint a changing table in one bright color picked up from the walls, and one contrasting color.

Your baby will be cheerful and happy with this and the other ideas for decorating baby room!

Use your imagination to come up with unique ideas for decorating baby rooms around a theme such as hot air balloons, sailboats, angels, butterflies, dogs and cats, or flowers. Make sure the room is both stimulating, yet has areas of calm surfaces and colors.

Have some fun coming up with new, fun ideas for decorating baby rooms!

Ideas for Decorating a Baby's Room

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