Child Bedding Ideas for Kids Who Share One Room

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Child Bedding Ideas for Kids Who Share One Room

Michael Holland

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When it comes to child bedding itís difficult to please two kids who share the same room but not the same tastes. The fun never ends when you have two very opinionated kids whose opinions lean in opposite directions.

The perfect kid bedding idea for one child may be fluffy and frilly in pastels. The other child prefers sharp lines in bright tones.

Theyíve always been this way. In fact, you donít know why you expected them to approach decorating any differently.

Choosing child bedding for two kids who have opposite tastes is a bit more complicated than simply tossing a coin. You have to be fair to both kids.

Treating both of them equally and respecting their tastes can be tough. Itís especially difficult if you happen to personally prefer one childís taste over the other.

When trying to be fair to both kids about their tastes in child bedding be careful not to favor the child whose decorating tastes you share. After all, your other child probably already knows that you prefer his or her siblingís tastes. This is a crossfire in which you donít want to be caught.

Since youíre the adult in this child bedding controversy, itís up to you to orchestrate a compromise. Yes, youíre the parent and itís up to you to create a balance that makes everyone happy.

Just another one of those delightful perks about parenthood that nobody told you. It rates right up there with teething and vaccinations. Parenting is such endless joy...

Back to the child bedding situation at hand. Youíre already aware that your kids will never surrender their opinions. Come to think of it, thatís one of the things that makes you proud of them.

They stick to what they believe is right. It does look, however, like they would cut you a little slack, though, at least from time to time.

Roll up your sleeves, thatís not going to happen in the child bedding battle. Itís time to bring out your best negotiating skills.

Youíre about to do battle with two of the best. Each of your kids is convinced of his or her position and is determined to win.

Bring pens and paper to the child bedding negotiating table. If your kids donít know how to write yet, youíll have to write for them. Yes, this is also part of your job as a parent...just another of those delightful perks about which we previously spoke.

When your kids enter the child bedding negotiations, ask each of them to write down how they would decorate the room. Have them include color preferences. Then have them draw their plan on the same paper.

Upon completing their child bedding tasks, let your kids leave the table. Your job now is to review each childís written description and drawing. Notice their common ideas.

Common child bedding ideas from these kids? Yes, common ideas. Youíre guaranteed to discover at least one primary likeness in each of your kidsí perfect picture.

Almost 100% of the time, each of your kids will have drawn a line separating the room. If a child is having a good day, he or she will have drawn the line down the middle of the room. On a bad day...well as you can see, one kid might only have a tiny corner of a room.

The solution...hang beads, curtains or tapestries to divide the room. Offer variations of one color ranging from bright to pastel. Allow each child to use different designs and prints in his or her own space.

Child Bedding Ideas for Kids Who Share One Room

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