Book Totes - Personalized Children's Items - Canvas Totes

Book totes featuring a hand painted caricature of your child reading his or her favorite book! Oh so unique and useful, too!! This original personalized children's item is fun and it can help encourage your little one to read.

Our book tote bags are personalized to match your child's features and favorite book subjects. We'll paint your bag with the hair color, hair style and skin tone that's closest to your child's. Plus we'll write the subject of their favorite on the book they're will be as if it's YOUR CHILD holding his or her favorite book!

A very unique item and the design is an original creation of Creative Name Signs!!!

Book totes are a valuable tool to help teach your child responsibility. When visiting your local library with your child have them carry their borrowed books, movies, etc. in this adorable bag for protection. Not only will your tote help to teach your child how to be responsible for his or her library items, but they can visit the library in style!

Plus your book tote is useful for everyday purposes as well...going to school, spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house, a 'busy bag' for waiting rooms and decide!

Many customers will order a book tote as a gift for a little one and then fill the book tote with a variety of age appropriate books. A very unique gift idea that would get any child excited about reading!

Measuring 14" wide x 14" deep, a 4" gussett and 15" handles our canvas tote bags are made of 100% cotton. Because each canvas tote bag is uniquely hand painted specific washing instructions will be included with your order.
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Book Totes - Personalized Children's Items - Canvas Totes

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